Why solar?

Solar offers clean, renewable energy year round both for power and heat. In Nepal it is more relevant to use solar power as the on going energy crisis doesn't help in fulfilling the energy demands in both home and industrial sector. Therefore having solar along with the traditional backup inverter system will help in giving the customer the energy needed without having to worry about living and waiting in the dark for some hours until the grid power is back. Solar electric systems offer strong returns on investment. It makes good sense to compare the costs of buying energy over many years to the one time purchase of renewable equipment that provides free energy for its lifetime.

Ghampani Urja

Ghampani Urja Pvt. Ltd.  is an alternative energy company in Nepal providing solar power installation. We have mostly concentrated in installation of solar power and have lately extended our services to alternative energy friendly house wiring and lightning protection services. Ghampani is commited to provide the best services to its clients and does provide its clients with customized solar power system no matter how small or large the system is.




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